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Who we are?

  • SSL is a global freight forwarding and logistics company established in 2003. With an essence of unmatched service and an enviable customer relation, the company shot to fame and became one of the most trusted freight forwarders in the industry. With a trail of vibrant experiences, today the company proudly boasts access to the remotest of lands.

    Talking about remote locations, SSL takes pride in its "REACH", an achievement made possible through relentless efforts to make seemingly impossible

  • deliveries POSSIBLE within deepest roots of AFRICA. And the efforts themselves paved the way to strengthening its foothold over the sea and land routes.

    Over this span of time, SSL has successfully maintained a steady record of retaining and on-boarding a diversified portfolio of clients. With unparalleled expertise and experience in the freight forwarding and logistics industry, the organization has successfully traced an impressive exponential growth graph.


TRANSFORMING conventional shipping image without transforming THE EARTH


In this era of globalization, “connectivity” and “reach” are the two most crucial cards to survive in the global market. Boundless reach, incomparable customer service and value for money are what the customers look for.

SSL aims to be that one stop solution answering all shipping and logistics needs with an innovative stand to eco friendly measures. It ensures to make your shipping process work to your logistical and competitive advantage.


  • Passion

    Passion lies in ambition, inspiration and creativity

  • Integrity

    Honesty, objectivity and accountability are the words that define us

  • Partnerships

    Our concrete relations are based on support, responsiveness and collaboration

  • Effort

    Our cumulative efforts are directed towards performance, focus and results.

Why choose us?

Customer Value - Bridging miles, Delivering smiles...

SSL believes in cultivating long-term partnerships whilst delivering a range of exquisite services tailor made to meet the rarest of demands of their customers. They ensure that no plea goes unheard and no commitment is left undone.

SSL offers a range of diversified services to its clients but that’s not all. They very well understand that decision making about something that’s not the client’s niche is difficult. So, to make things easier SSL experts guide the clients at every step so that even the most complicated things are done in a snap.

A Sturdy Network – Because your time is valued

Be it the busy roads or the desolate routes their wheels never cease to move forward. From finding the shortest route to the most efficient way continuous research is being conducted at local levels to ensure fastest and hassle free service.

SSL is an acknowledged member of several national and international associations, including Freight MidPoint, Millennium Logistics Network and the East West Logistics Network.

It offers the cumulative benefit of working with a carrier that is large enough to stitch the distances across the globe with complete focus on every minute details beneficial for the customer.

Unique Requests, Innovative solutions

No matter how diverse or unique your needs are, there is always a solution best fitted for you. Right from the quickest to the cheapest, you can enjoy most reliable transport services.

SSL’s freight forwarding services are not only limited to arranging the commute but also consolidating all the necessary formalities along with facilitating the latest monitoring services.

SSL’s freight forwarding services are not only limited to arranging the commute but also consolidating all the necessary formalities along with facilitating the latest monitoring services.

  • It’s a one stop solution provider dedicated to serving the Shipping, and Logistics world through a commendable international network.
  • Demonstrated sustaining growth in terms of services, turnover and geographical coverage.
  • Offers complete Supply chain management.
  • Provides excellent quality services worldwide
  • One of the leading and reputed freight forwarders in India.