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Africa - the dark continent with a rich heritage!

Africa has been the center of focus right from the inception of SSL. The core team at SSL had the vision to foresee Africa as a lucrative opportunity rather than a hotspot often eluded. Patronizing the philosophy “Difficulties Mastered Are Opportunities Won”, SSL made strong strides to exist and evolve as a leader in the African market. With relentless efforts and many sleepless nights SSL paved its path to every nook and corner of the continent.

Today, the company treasures deep knowledge and years of honed expertise in serving the continent. With over 90% of Africa’s imports and exports conducted by sea, there is an increasing need for innovation, development and inland connectivity to ports. Analysing the urgency, SSL has extended its services to all the major African destinations:

All leading destinations in east/west/central Africa are covered via:

  • Mombassa


  • Dar-e-Salaam


  • Tincan


  • Lome

    Walvis Bay

  • Cotonou


  • Pemba


  • Durban

SSL – Making a Difference

Africa, a continent endowed with immense natural resources and great diversities is doomed to perpetual poverty and economic slavery! Uncertainty, political unrest, corruption and poverty are deep rooted along with the rich minerals in the soil.

While the rest of the globe is making its way to space, Africa is still struggling for the basic necessities of life. The fundamentals like water, electricity, transportation, safety are considered luxury.

With such a challenging plot, SSL had to strategize its distinguished and creative ways to deal with the adversities and deliver seamless service every time.

WATER “Quenching the thirst!”

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!!! Such is the plight of Africa. Potable water is a luxury in most of the African nations and the demand and associated scarcity of the product does make it an expensive commodity.

Seaking affiliates with partners to deal with these inconveniences with RESILIENCE and ensures handy solutions to any issue that might tend to impede their commitment to extensive customer service in the region.

ELECTRICITY “A single ray of light can illuminate the acres of land”.

Power outage is a common phenomenon in Africa. The alternate measure to ensure the seamless business communication resulted in an escalated business expense.

TRANSPORTATION! “On a hard journey nothing is more important as having a staunch team”

The inlands of Africa are shadowed by multiple uncertainties and threats to life. There is always this inherent sense of insecurity with regards to reliable transport service. Seaking has bonded with some of the most eminent and reliable transporters in the region to ensure uninterrupted services under any circumstances.

PERMITS & LICENCES! Its the web of formalities that strangle many budding businesses!

Getting through permits and licenses is a tough job, that too when you are dealing in a land filled with corruption and low morale. To make things easier for you SEAKING has strategized an ethical way of conducting business and maintained strong ties with the Government and the Administration across the continent.

LABOR! “Its the quality not the quantity that matters”

Though Africa is a continent with rich resources, yet it severely lacks the skills to utilize them. Availability of skilled labor is an absolute tragedy in Africa. To counter this Seaking promptly conducts periodic training programs to enhance and update the skill levels of our affiliates.

POLITICAL STABILITY, CULTURAL BARRIERS “How can a country progress if its base is staggering with political unrest.”

With poverty and misery creeping in, political stability is a rare scenario in most of the African nations. SEAKING plays it very safe without jeopardizing the business interests of our clients.

SAFETY “There is no business greater than safety”

Seaking considers safety to be the highest law. It takes utmost care to ensure complete security of life and property.

PRICE / RATE STABILITY! “Not all change indicates advancement”

A fluctuating civic life results in flickering rates of all commodities. To counter this threat, Seaking believes in maintaining a SHORT-PERIOD window for the Price / Rate Quotes. This strategy has helped Seaking move beyond the situational crisis and maintain stability in its code of conduct.

From Durban, the cargo is sent onwards to any one of 18 inland routes

As seen below, all major inland locations in East Africa are also covered.